b. 1986, London, UK.
Lives and works in Helsinki and London

Holder’s work raises philosophical questions of our universe and things yet unknown, regarding the future of science, medicine, biology and human-machine interactions. She creates fictional worlds & constructed environments that respond directly to contemporary, real world events. Each artwork is considered a ‘set’ with filmic, narrative, architectural, visuals & sound elements created uniquely for the conceptual underpinning of the project. She has worked with computational geneticists, marine biologists, behavioural psychologists & investigative journalists where her artwork has addressed themes including future farming, synthetic biology and deep sea ecosystems.

Mixing elements of biology, nanotechnology and natural history against computer programme interfaces, screensavers and measuring devices, she suggests the impermanence and interchangeability of these apparently contrasting and oppositional worlds: ‘everything is a mutant and a hybrid’. Connecting forms which have emerged through our human taste, culture and industrial processes she investigates complex systems that dissolve notions of the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’. GM products, virtual biology and aquatic creatures are incorporated into an extended web; challenging our perception of evolution, adaptation and change.

Holder has exhibited widely in the UK & internationally including the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Athens Biennale, Design Museum, Biennale of Sydney, Transmediale & Venice Biennale. She is the Director of SPUR an online platform which supports digital practice and the Director of Chaos Magic, an arts project space in Nottingham.

Selected Press

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frieze: ‘The Mutants We Will Become’, Chris Fite-Wassilak
The Guardian: ‘DIY call centres and puppet shows help Athens Biennale fight the power’ by David Batty
Art Monthly: 'Art and the Chthulucene' by Jamie Sutcliffe
Dazed: ‘Mutant Hybrids’
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19 - 20 Jul 2024 , Live A/V with musician 33EMYBW, Unsound, Festival, Adelaide, Australia

5 - 9 Jun 2024 , Audra Festival, Mykolas Žilinskas, Kaunas, Lithuania

11 May 2024, Live A/V with 33EMYBW Nuits Sonores festival, Lyon, France, 21:30-22:30

30 Apr 2024, Artist Talk: Chelsea College of Arts, London

27 Apr 2024, Live A/V with 33EMYBW, Botanique Festival, Brussels

26 Apr 2024, Live A/V with 33EMYBW, Donau Festival, Krems, Austria, 21:30-22:30

26 Apr - 22 May 2024 , Group Show: HYPA-PHIXED, curated by Kiik Amor / Jordan Edge

5 Apr 2024 , Live A/V with 33EMYBW, Rewire, festival, The Hague, NL, 00:10-01:00

6 - 7 Mar 2024 , Artist Talk, University of the West of England, Watershed Cinema, 16:30-18:30

24 Feb 2024, Event: Cybernetic Serendipity - Towards AI, ICA, London Sat, 13:00-21:00

13 Feb 2024, Artist talk (online), hosted by Two Queens, Leicester, UK (6-8pm UK time)

12 Feb 2024, Talk: Net Art to Now, Chelsea College of Art, (1pm UK time)

16 Dec 2023 - 1 Mar 2024 , Cryptid, Solo exhibition at X Museum, Beijing, China

'Cryptid' in DAZED

24 Nov 2023 - 17 Feb 2024 , Cryptid, Solo exhibition at Two Queens, Leicester, UK

15 - 19 Nov 2023 , The Overkill Festival, ENSCHEDE, NL

1 Nov 2023 , Artist Talk, University of Plymouth, UK

26 Oct - 17 Dec 2023 , Web to Verse, Group show at Modal Gallery, Manchester, UK

19 - 22 Oct 2023 , Solo booth (with Seventeen), Paris+ par Art Basel, Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris

19 - 30 Oct 2023 , 'Cryptid' in New York Times - October 2023

13 Oct 2023, Live AV with 33EMYBW, Asymmetry Rituals, 1 Marylebone Rd, London (Frieze London party)

6 Oct 2023 , Live A/V set for 33EMYBW, Unsound Festival, Kraków, Poland (12 midnight)

6 Oct 2023 , Unsound Festival (Talk), Kraków, Poland (12 noon)

30 Sep 2023 - 13 Apr 2024 , Storm Warning, Focal Point Gallery, Southend, UK and Newlyn Gallery, Penzance, UK

9 Jun - 29 Jul 2023 , Feels Like Memeplex, KARST, UK

18 Mar - 11 Apr 2023 , THAW (Group Show), St Chads, London, UK.

26 - 27 Oct 2022 , The Waxing, Omsk Social Club and Joey Holder, 3hd Festival, Stiftung Planetarium, Berlin, Germany

1 Sep - 2 Oct 2022 , Jumping Frames Festival (Group Show), Hong Kong

27 May - 4 Sep 2022 , 2022 British Art Show, Castlefield Gallery, Touring, Manchester, UK.

5 May - 20 Jun 2021 , Abyssal Seeker, [Benthic Zone], FUTURA, Prague, Czech Republic

14 Apr - 22 May 2021 , Abyssal Seeker, [Demersal Zone], Seventeen, London, UK

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