Once you have installed the 'Unity Plugin'  please be patient, it can take up to 10 minutes for the exhibition space to load on this web page.

To enter through the doorway and look around the space use the keyboard and mouse:

TO MOVE: keys - W,A,S,D or arrow keys
360 look/view: MOUSE

The best way to experience the virtual exhibition space is with the volume on your speakers turned up LOUD.

You can also download the Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience and view full screen/high res here:

MAC (Download)
WIN (Download)


On the walls, clockwise from the door:

Ry David Bradley
Endless III, 2011. Jpeg
Image Stroke II, 2010. Jpeg

Joe Hamilton
Trouble in Utopia, 2013. Digital video

Kynan Tan
Consciousness (excerpt), 2012. Digital video

Jacob Ogden Smith
Sims 2: FreeTime, 2013. Digital video

In the centre, clockwise from the door:

Jacob Ogden Smith
Let's Play Pottery (Ugetsu Monogatari), 2013. Digital image
Let's Play Pottery (Community S01E19 #1), 2013. Digital image
Let's Play Pottery (Law&Order SVU S10E18 #1), 2013. Digital image