'The Evolution of the Spermalege'

Ongoing project 2014-2019

3D printed models based on the genitalia of various insects.

Insects have some of the strangest mating practices in the animal kingdom, for example honey bees penises snap off and explode, female praying mantis eat their male partners (sometimes even during copulation) and male bedbugs use their scimitar-like sexual organ to impale the female body and deposit the sperm.

The models express the myriad of exquisite forms and mating practices found in the animal kingdom which are often invisible to the naked eye. We often imagine what life is like on other planets, other worlds, yet what is present right under our noses is stranger than we can imagine, far more ‘alien’.

Often we seek to create divisions and hierarchies between living things and even non-living things.

As Donna Haraway suggests:

“We need a multispecies alliance, across the killing division of nature, culture, and technology and of organism, language and machine.

We need new kinds of relations emerging from nonhierarchical alliances, sym-biotic attachments, and the mingling of creative agents.

If we appreciate the foolishness of human exceptionalism, then we know that becoming is always becoming with” (From ‘When Species Meet, Donna Haraway)